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Luke Burton is a sculpture of modern art. Previously, Luke has exhibited his work all around the country, as well as creating a sculpture for the London 2012 Paralympics now being displayed at The Cube, Birmingham.


Luke is now building the worlds largest work of art, The Connection Worldwide. The Connection is set to become the first iconic worldwide sculpture. There will be pieces of The Connection across 195 countries. 


Built-up of stainless steel bricks, the sculpture is representing the walls and struggles we face in our lives and how leaning on one another as a community helps us stay strong and build each other up. 


Luke hopes to encourage people all across the world to feel part of a community through his art. The first location for The Connection Worldwide will be in Birmingham's Broadway Plaza.  Following this, The Connection has also secured the next locations in Marbella, Dubai and Russia. 

People are able to purchase an engraved stainless steel brick with their name, message and logo on to remain a part of history. 

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